My heart aches for others to be filled with the same joy, hope, healing and restoration that God has wrought miraculously in my life.

I pray to be humble and to lose site of myself and my own interest and to pick up my cross and follow Him. When I fall on my face He is always there, loving me in spite of my faults (many as they are!).

He is amazing and His truth is transforming. May His word cleanse you and I pray that your heart along with mine will be opened through the power of His Word to see Him, to by faith leave our Egypts behind, being unawed and undismayed by the wrath of our oppressors or discouraging situation; never flinching but holding staunchly to our purpose and enduring steadfastly as one who gazes on Him Who is invisible (adapted from Hebrews 11:27 AMP).

As you can see this blog is not about me, its not about running after what I can eat, drink or wear but it is about seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness and trusting Him with the rest. I invite you to open God’s Word with me and dive into the scriptures, may these whispers from our Father encourage you to not only seek Him wholeheartedly but to share His hope with others.


“Turn my heart towards Your statutes and not towards selfish gain. Turn my eyes away from worthless things and give me life through Your word.”
Psalm 119:36-37

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